Estate Planning and Real Estate Law Practice

Receive the support you need from an experienced team of attorneys when you meet with us at Listick & Krall. At our estate planning and real estate law practice in Delray Beach, FL, we are available to take on a variety of services for each of our clients. Whether you are buying or selling a home, planning on buying or selling a real estate development, or planning for your family's future, our attorneys are here to help. Speak with us today for your estate planning and real estate law needs.

Ready to Buy or Sell a Home

For most of us, purchasing a home is the largest investment we will ever make in our lives. During the buying or selling process, let our team help you make all of the right decisions. Our attorneys bring more than 40 years of experience in real estate law to each of our clients. From drafting and reviewing your proposed contracts to managing all title transfers, we are here to make your transaction proceed smoothly. We focus on the details to ensure accuracy throughout the process.

Complete Your Commercial Real Estate Transactions

Are you buying or selling a commercial property? Whether it is vacant land, an apartment complex, or shopping center, we have done it before. The process can be difficult and expensive unless you have the right team on your side. Our attorneys are available to sit down with you to review your proposed transaction, zoning, financial commitments, leases, and closing documents.

From the moment you call us to draft and review your proposed contracts until your transaction is completed, we are here to help you through the buying or selling process. We act as a closing agent for the sale, and we are happy to manage all matters of transfer of title and conveyance documents.

The Importance of Estate Planning

Unfortunately, it is impossible to predict the future. Making your final wishes known is important. Provide for the future of your family and ensure that your last requests are met when you turn to our attorneys for the estate planning process. We sit down with you to discuss your situation so that you can make difficult decisions. Matters include diminished competence, medical directions, burial, estate taxes, special needs of spouses or children, and Florida residency.

Drafting Wills and Trusts

When you turn to us for your estate planning services, we will help you throughout this difficult and confusing process. We assist you as you draft wills, trusts, and other important documents.

Contact us to request a consultation for your needs. Our law firm offers services for clients throughout South Florida.